02/2007—09/2012 | Web Designer Sr.

Christina Chalréo Breault

CNI (Chickasaw Nation Industries) IT, Inc. (2/12/2007–3/26/2010) / Lockheed Martin (3/29/2010–9/28/2012)

Contractor at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers initially through Chickasaw Nation Industries (02/07–03/10) and then through Lockheed Martin (03/10–09/12) — Web site design and development, information architecture implementation and UI design utilizing in depth skills and expertise in usability issues, along with templates design and content management. Heavy usage of CSS techniques. Complete redesign of the District’s public Web and intranet sites with special devotion to ADA requirements. Oversight of Section 508 compliance on web content. Ongoing websites maintenance. Software used: Dreamweaver, Acrobat, Fireworks, SharePoint and MS Office including Visio.

Some Details:

I worked as a government contractor initially under CNI IT, Inc. and later under Lockheed Martin, who bought all the contracts in 2009/2010. In 2012 my position was eliminated and I was laidoff, much to my sadness as I really enjoyed this job. I was sad to leave but optimistic to find new challenges.

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