1989—1990 | Bilingual Receptionist

Christina Chalréo Breault

Safra National Bank of New York — New York, NY

Administrative and word processing assistance to CEO; translation and interpreting. Trained in Word Perfect software.

Some Details:

This was my very first corporate job when I was living in New York City. While I was job hunting in a very competitive New York’s job market, I quickly realized the odds against me as during those days I didn’t have much experience and all I knew back then was how to type. I decided that my strongest skill then was my bilingual abilities and thus I pursued a placement where those skills could be used and found a job as a bilingual receptionist/administrative assistant on this Brazilian bank branched in New York City. I worked there for a year and learned Word Perfect in addition to improving my typing skills. I left to a more challenging job at a CPAs (Certified Public Accountants) firm.

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