1991—1992 | Statistical Word Processor

Christina Chalréo Breault

Diamant, Katz, Kahn & Company, CPAs — New York, NY

Heavy statistical word processing and layout of financial statements; legal documents; profit sharing plans; office worksheets (creating forms, logs, tables, graphics); letters; mail mergers; spreadsheets; financial tables; complex documents; software troubleshooting (Word Perfect).

Some Details:

In this position I was even more successful as statistical word processor. I was highly praised by the CPAs who totally loved my work, much to my own appreciation. However, I was becoming somewhat bored with statistical word processing and began wishing for some more interesting work to do. In 1992 I became pregnant and in January 27, 1993 I gave birth to my first child, a babygirl, and she became the focus of my attention. I left to take care of my baby and became a full-time stay-at-home mom for the next 10 years. But not without keeping up with my skills, which I maintained by working from home as freelancer.

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