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My Professional History

09/2012—Present | Webmaster Consultant

Christina Chalreo Breault

CC Publications Web Development Consultant & Webmaster. Creating and maintaining websites, social pages and content management. Email ad design and electronic newsletters, creating and coordinating email campaigns; online marketing activities. Website administration including social pages and blogs. Web hosting and domain management. Video creation, edition and distribution on social networks. Web development consulting. More Details: CC Publications was created to […]

02/2007—09/2012 | Web Designer Sr.

Christina Chalréo Breault

CNI (Chickasaw Nation Industries) IT, Inc. (2/12/2007–3/26/2010) / Lockheed Martin (3/29/2010–9/28/2012) Contractor at the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers initially through Chickasaw Nation Industries (02/07–03/10) and then through Lockheed Martin (03/10–09/12) — Web site design and development, information architecture implementation and UI design utilizing in depth skills and expertise in usability issues, along with templates […]

12/2005—01/2007 | Webmaster / Web Designer

Christina Breault in 2006

Beaver Street Fisheries, Inc. – Information Technology Department Web site design and development, web server setup and management, DNS and domain name configuration and management, e-commerce implementation, web marketing, software GUI (Graphic User Interface) design contribution, creation of unique illustrations and layout for web based applications. Design and re-design of all company’s Web sites. Some […]

02/2005—12/2005 | Interactive Media Marketing Coordinator

Christina Breault in 2004

Jacksonville University – Public Relations / Marketing Dept. Web site design and development, project management, information architecture research and implementation to optimize site usability and visitor engagement. DNS decision and implementation; security discussions towards intranet implementation. Redesign of university’s Web site. Some Details: I really enjoyed working at a university environment. This was a time […]

2002—2004 | Web Developer/Designer

Christina Breault in 2004

Swisher International, Inc. – IT Department Design and construction of web pages/sites for internet and intranet audience incorporating graphic user interface (GUI) and layout techniques utilizing cascading style sheets (CSS). Redesign of intranet and internet sites. Design and construction of online promotional material such as animated buttons/banners, web flyers, web posters, and special web ads. […]

1992—2002 | Freelance Administrative Assistant

Christina Chalréo Breault

Sundry Companies — New York, NY and Jacksonville, FL While raising two small children I freelanced as seasonal/temporary administrative assistance for several companies throughout New York City and Jacksonville, Florida, such as CPAs [Richard Schwartz & Associates], Architects [Shafer, Logan & Akel], medical suppliers [Diagnostic Imaging], and many others including inviduals. I attended college full-time between 2000 and […]

1991—1992 | Statistical Word Processor

Christina Chalréo Breault

Diamant, Katz, Kahn & Company, CPAs — New York, NY Heavy statistical word processing and layout of financial statements; legal documents; profit sharing plans; office worksheets (creating forms, logs, tables, graphics); letters; mail mergers; spreadsheets; financial tables; complex documents; software troubleshooting (Word Perfect). Some Details: In this position I was even more successful as statistical […]

1990—1991 | Word Processor / Administrative Assistant

Christina Chalréo Breault

Mahoney & Cohen, CPAs — New York, NY Word processing and layout of legal documents, financial reports, financial statements, tax manuals, in-house course programs, tax newsletters, tax correspondence, and general office paperwork. Administrative assistance to tax department manager and tax lawyer. Software used: WordPerfect 5.1. Some Details: With the knowledge and training I obtained on […]